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When to Use a Survey

The need for a survey starts first with competition.

Competition in any marketplace can lead to better options and outcomes for consumers. Variety of options increase, and prices are driven down. Consumers have choice, and companies compete for the sale.

As competition grows in any industry, a company's need for consumer opinion grows.

Enter surveys.

A survey allows you to strengthen your image and overall success by collecting comprehensive data. Surveys test consumer awareness, investigate possibilities for expansions into new markets, and prove or disprove a hypothesis. Because of the simple yet informative approach of surveys, you can compare awareness of a companies brand with competitors, measure changes in employee happiness, get feedback on new or potential products, and much more.

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of using surveys and how they might be beneficial for your business.

When You Need to Generate Customer Feedback.

Measuring customer contentedness establishes whether you are exceeding standards, functioning below expectations, or could do more to gain customer satisfaction. It is difficult to change your business for the better when you are unaware of what your customer thinks about your product or organization. By channeling a way for your unhappy audience to explain their concerns you are creating a relationship and enabling yourself to directly address needs and concerns.

When You Want To Test Awareness and Recall.

Surveys can also be used when your company is recalling a product or seeking awareness. A brand awareness survey can help you understand exactly how your initiatives have performed, and if your marketing and advertising efforts have proven effective in gaining mindshare. Having benchmarks for awareness year after year enables companies to make strategic plans for their promotional resources, and grow sustainably.

When You Need Product Feedback.

When producing a new product, brand logo, etc. a survey can be used to accumulate customer feedback and opinion. Asking your consumer to fill out a survey regarding new information allows the customer to offer insights that can lead to product innovation and improvements, therefore boosting not only the quality of your product but possibly your sales as well.

When You Need …..

Surveys explain to companies how their customers think and feel. An accumulation of public opinion, test assumptions and new ideas can help companies grow for the better. If the consumers knows about your company or remembers you messaging, the chances of your organization prospering is stronger.

Scio Motus uses surveys along with other tech driven services like Personality Insights and Sentiment Analysis to help companies better understand their audiences.

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