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What are Social Insights?

Over 90% of all online data has been created in the last two years. (source) This data has been generated collectively by real people, creating real content and sharing online. This data offers a tremendous opportunity for research - to truly understand the zeitgeist of a world that exists on and offline.

For marketers, there is an opportunity to utilize online data to better understand customers and the broader market. Social Insights are what companies can gain from monitoring and analyzing conversations online surrounding certain keywords, brands, or topics. By gathering insights, you can easily track the health of your brand or product, create more appealing marketing, find influencers, keep track of trends, and more accurately predict the success of an advertisement or campaign much earlier.

Being able to filter through the sheer amount of data put online on a daily basis and using it to achieve meaningful conclusions on a certain topic can equip you to focus your strategies and tactics in new and better ways.

Scio Motus generates Social Insights for our clients in these 4 simple steps:

  1. Scio Motus helps companies craft the questions that would serve your business needs. This could be “what are my competitors doing online?”, “what do my customers say about my products?”, or “what are the trends in my industry, and how have you changed over time?”.

  2. Scio Motus then crafts a query to pull social posts, comments, forum convos, blog posts, and more related to the question the company wants answered.

  3. The research team carefully analyzes the data, and sorts it to gain insights into sentiment, topics, timing, and volume.

  4. The research team at Scio Motus delivers a report or dashboard summarizing the insights and the recommendations at a decided frequency, whether at tail ends of campaigns, or on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Once the process is done and the setup is finalized, the possibilities of how to apply Social Insights and the benefits of said application are numerous. Social Insights can allow companies to understand:

Understand your Market Segment

Social Insights provides a deeper understanding the interests, future wants, personality and even buying trends of the market. This empowers marketers, product developers, and leadership teams to better serve customers. Gain real time data on what your audience talks about, their likes, dislikes, along with recommendations on how to leverage that data for your specific business needs.

Influencer Insights

Social Insights can find potential influencers. By finding impactful people in critical segments of the company’s market and learn about your scope and following, Social Insights can aid in asking these questions:

+ What online communities does this person have an impact in?

+ How representative is your following in the values and interests of our company?

+ How can we best market to this influencer and your community?

Capitalize on Trends

Being provided with real time insights on consumer trends empowers brands to pick and choose how and when to respond to the market. Social Insights provides insights on content themes being driven by competitors, media, or consumers. Your brand can use these insights to learn about not only what people are talking about, but how people are talking about it.

Understand Related Interests

What do people who like your brand also like? Understanding what other brands appeal to your customer base is useful in product development or diversification stages of marketing, as predictive understandings into the future desires of one’s market could revolutionize how, when, and where the company rolls out new product.

Know Thy Competition

When you can pinpoint the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and pressures of your competition, you can base your tactics in ways that will allow you to attract more customers. Understand when and how to differentiate from competitors, or when to steal from there. Compare competitor growth and movement to understand broader industry trends.

Social Insights make marketing so much less of a guessing game. When pairing insights with a regular reporting schedule, you can make use of these trends and insights in powerful ways. Are you interested in implementing Social Insight services into your business’s operations? Scio Motus specializes in listening, analyzing, and testing, providing essential information to your business.

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